Guernsey Poems on the Move

At the end of half term I made a quest to Guernsey to see if I could track down two of my poems, which were being displayed on buses as a result of having been selected in the 2019 Poems on the Move competition, judged by Maura Dooley.

Having been given the registration numbers of the buses to look out for, I hoped that all I’d need to do would be to find out which routes they were on and hop on a bus or two to find them. However, it was really disappointing to arrive at the bus information desk, only to find that the two buses in question were both at the depot for servicing, with no possibility of our being allowed to go there to see them.

Sunday morning walk to Icart Point

However, this left us with a whole weekend to explore the beautiful island, and we discovered some stunning cliff-top walks. At least I can picture where my poems have found a home, and I have these photos of the poems in situ, taken by CT Plus Guernsey, the local bus company.

I was really hoping to have the opportunity of seeing bus passengers reading the poems; I’m so curious to know what people might make of them. So if anyone reading this post has seen them on the Guernsey buses, I’d love to know! Please drop me a line on Twitter or via the ‘Comments’ section on this website.

At the airport with Sharon Black’s first-prize-winning poem

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